Enter the Abyss

"Life gets a little messy sometimes. And you’ve just got to appreciate it as what it is. Sometimes messes can be put together beautifully."

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Kim : Vietnamese-American : 20 XP : East Hartford High School ℅ 2012 : FRC  Team 173 "R.A.G.E. Robotics" alumni : Southern Connecticut State University ℅ 2016 : Physics and Mathematics major : Student worker : Pharmacy technician : Part time cat : Licensed driver : Green : ex-WoWer : LoLer : Cuber : LOTR

WARNING: I reblog/post music, pictures, words, drugs, mathematics, science, cars, cool places, NSFW/18+ material, complaints/personal things, overall cool shit, and other things I feel like, including but not limited to pictures of my butt. If you don't like it, don't complain, go somewhere else or do something else. There's an unfollow button, you know. If you try adding me on other social media, I'm probably not going to add you unless we actually talk.