Life's Messy

"Life gets a little messy sometimes. And you’ve just got to appreciate it as what it is. Sometimes messes can be put together beautifully." -Me

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Kim : Vietnamese : 15 July 1994 : East Hartford High School ℅ 2012 : FRC  Team 173 "R.A.G.E. Robotics" alumni : Southern Connecticut State University ℅ 2016 : Physics and Mathematics double major : Student worker : 11 October 2012<3 : Licensed driver : Green : ex-WoWer : LoLer : Cuber : LOTR

WARNING: I reblog/post music, pictures, words, drugs, mathematics, science, cars, cool places, NSFW/18+ material, complaints/personal things, overall cool shit, and other things I feel like. If you don't like it, don't complain, go somewhere else or do something else. There's an unfollow button you know.