Enter the Abyss

"Life gets a little messy sometimes. And you’ve just got to appreciate it as what it is. Sometimes messes can be put together beautifully."

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Kim : Vietnamese : 15 July 1994 : East Hartford High School ℅ 2012 : FRC  Team 173 "R.A.G.E. Robotics" alumni : Southern Connecticut State University ℅ 2016 : Physics and Mathematics major : Student worker : Pharmacy technician : Part time cat : Licensed driver : Green : ex-WoWer : LoLer : Cuber : LOTR

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Artist Seung-Hwan Oh and his paintings
artist on tumblr

The visual result of the symbiosis between film matter and organic matter is the conceptual origin of this body of work.

The process involves the cultivation of emulsion consuming microbes on a visual environment created through portraits and a physical environment composed of developed film immersed in water. As the microbes consume light-sensitive chemical over the course of months, the silver halides destabilize, obfuscating the legibility of foreground, background, and scale.

via Emmanuel Chaussade (que je salue et remercie)

One more for the road? Yea, before I put on my underwear :*

One more for the road? Yea, before I put on my underwear :*

"I can’t read you, and I kind of like it"

Last night I stayed over and we stayed up until like 3 or 4 talking even though you had work early today (I’m sorry but also, I am not sorry.) You told me you haven’t been able to read me like you read other people, and I feel like this is more reason for you to get to know me better and keep the questions coming. It’s refreshing cause I want to get to know you a lot better too. I like how we vibe, I like the talks we have. 

This morning you woke up and made us both breakfast and coffee. 

I appreciate the fuck out of you, and I’m pretty glad we’re where we are right now. 

Anonymous asked: Do you even squat?

I’m working on it. ASS PROGRESS MY DUDE. Don’t hate, appreciate.